FUFU GBONA DEE by Lebile Melt Tosin

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“FuFu gbona dee”
Looking through my window
I saw the young lad hawking fufu
When I’m still on bed
When the nature looks freezing
And men are hugging their covering cloth
Yet fufu gbona de!!!

Some paid for this day with blood
Thinking when they look to the earth
And navigate through africa
They would see the future worth dying for
What lies on our street
What lives in Sambisa forest
Would bring tears

‘Future’ I can’t stop myself
Our tomorrow on the street
We play with them like pawn
Throwing them to the battle field
Forgetting we are about to lose the Queen
I wait for ‘check mate’
Then it would be too late

Let stand for a great future
Even if power disappoint us
Don’t let’s disappoint our tomorrow
Never eat the fruit of the evil leaders
They might have shadow us with darkness
But lets stand
for there is light in our innocent heart

Reach out to God
Let our cry reach God
Be determine to be man of revolution
If they can’t do it
We can do
‘FuFu gbona dee!!!’

Nigerian Poetry – FUFU GBONA DEE by Lebile Melt Tosin

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