Read Time:1 Minute, 52 Second [Freedom For One]
Freedom for one!
Now what again?
They cry for freedom
Freedom from your oppression
Freedom from your slavery and dictatorship
They fight for their right
They want to be free from your bondage and torture
Freedom from your ill-mentality and maltreatment
We need freedom for our right

Its our right as Adam’s lineage to be free
Out of control and order
Its our right as Eve’s descendants to be free
Out of instruction and law
We wanted to be free and expressive
To be ourselves, following our hearts
And feel good without anyone’s query
No query from any God or gods
No caution from any parents or elders

Its my concern and my life
I wanted to be free and be out of order
Order of any authority, teachers, leaders….!
No, I wanted to be my own model and love myself
Feel okay and happy to myself
I don’t care whatever it turns to be
Life is a free world, let us be free!
Live and let live
So far I am okay and pleased!
That’s who I am and what I want to be!
Life is about me, not about two
Its me alone, no friendship
I’m not selfish, self-centered, no relationship

So, you gave them
Its their right, its their fight
We allow them, they’ve a choice and a voice
So, you gave it to them
Even though,there’s a thread
A rope that links everything and everyone together, we let them
They’re right and needed to be free!
I, we, the gods can’t decide, control or manage or protect them
Its oppressing!?

Its their life, their future
Its ours too?
Let them do it as they like
What about vices?
So, you let us,
But what again?
Why worrying, complaining!?
We do as we like and wanted
Because its our world
The world of freedom…..
The freedom of our world
Why culture, law, principal, obligation?
Do they exist?
Why government, leader, authority?
Do they matter?
You sold them to us; to be free and now we are!
For freedom for one is freedom for all


Written by: Folorunsho Kolawole