FOOLERY by Joshua Levites

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The way you look
The way you talk
Your dainty smiles
Everything about you;
The reason my saneness pends for moments of craze.
The gracefullness of your beauty
Has almost ripped me apart

Though the sight of you shocks me to goose bumps,
I know I will not die, but live
Long enough to watch those smiles, every morning, till time through its magic,
Transform them into epic wrinkles.
Wrinkles that would caress my memory to the climax of seeing your young beautiful smile in the old wrinkled face.

Did I tell you,
Your laughter heals my wounds?
The wounds from heartbreaks, and
Even leg-breaks too.
I can’t live without the thought of you,
I can’t be without your existence.
Your beautiful face arrests my thinking,
That It makes me yell at your pictures
“Hey you! Stop getting me crazy”
Sometimes I wanna scream
Some other times I just wanna keep calm and smile at you back.
Because, Even saying “I love you”
won’t cure me of this foolery.

FOOLERY by Joshua Levites

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