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Out of your loins,
I came,
Bringing a part of you,
With me.
I stand, like a canvas.
Before, your authority,
Paint me
With your prejudices.

I came through you,
But not from you.
I came with eyes,
But you gave me vision.
I came with a heart,
But you gave me courage.
You gave me shoes,
But I chose my path.

My mother’s kind words,
Are like broken clay pots,
Fetching from life’s rivers.
Your harsh words,
Are the breast plate
For life’s battles.
The shield
For nature’s tempest

Like the rush of wind,
That pushes the rain clouds.
Like the ocean,
Pushing sand ashore.
Like the earth,
Birthing forth fruits
I carry you into the future to,
Touch the naked body of your dreams.

You are the shadow.
Of my thoughts.
I am the reflection
Of your dreams
You are not my father
But a guide steering me
Through life’s treacherous waves
To discover myself.

Written by: Nwakanma Chika
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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