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Read Time:1 Minute, 23 Second [Faded]
The tears trespassing your face reinforce my pain
Wouldn’t allow gravity pun unasked on your mood swings
I stand useless outside your heart unable to wipe your blued eyes
I wish I’d never cared enough ever to have ever loved you.
Now, there is this silence in the verse where I shoulda featured you

How would I sell our mixtapes now, recording my life without u?
There is nothing like an artist, quite a vocalist like you
How will ‘glory’ feel good now without a woman like you?

I don’t know, I musta screwed up, d. Did I do something wrong?
Coz the phones were in the air, and the chats stood hung
Staying away from our picture, coz it hurts me more
How do you love someone who used to, but don’t no more?

Then you say your grief turned a flood
Your prayer, a wish to let you drown
My words, you say, make you phobic
Like ‘fear of heights‘ on mountain scenes
But still I’d wait you often still
Till you can see you’re so much more
Coz while you sparkled, we shone
i would not turn my back on you in your dark
See into me, and let me be
Your very first-aid box when you bleed.


Your friend in need

*Dedicated to friends going through a bad storm,. You’ll get through.

Written by: Taiwo Luke Oladamola
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson