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a soft fart
slowly set free
gives smelly bliss
a tear drop
on grieving lips
tastes salty sweet

do you know
how mucus tastes
sucked while weeping?
the itch’s pleasure
it is heavenly!
ever felt it?

exist to exit
life is simple
why that frown?
live to leave
mind little things
nothing lasts forever!

This poem was originally published here: DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCUS TASTES?

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I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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  1. 1. Inner Feelings- explains how the poet feels inwardly, that feeling when he farts, the motion at which it came forth. The sense of taste when a drop of tear sneaks into his mouth and while in a sad situation, how the mucus tastes even with tears formed in the eye.

    2. It’s a rhetorical question, not necessary to be answered. It just leaves the respondent with deep thoughts on how it tastes

    3. ‘Salty sweet’ – oxymoron

    ‘Why that frown?’, ‘Ever felt it?’, ‘sucked while weeping?’- Rhetorical questions

    ‘it is heavenly’ – Hyperbole

    ‘Exist to exit’- alliteration

    4. Unanswered questions from a disturbed mind

    5. The poet simply mean we should take whatever comes our way with ease and know that we live(exist) to leave (exit) in this world. Don’t be too harsh towards life

    6. Rhetorical

    7. Tasty mucus sliding down dry throats
    Sucked it with a operose heart.
    Life can be throbbing, but soothing.

    ~Oluwatosin Faith Kolawole

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