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DIE, ALUU, DIE (a poet’s rage by Nwilo Bura-Bari Vincent)

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Die Aluu, Die
Die Aluu, Die!

Thy muscled hands have drawn darkness upon thee
Thy fine senses have darkened our morrow
Thy perfect heart has given us sunset
Die, Aluu, Die!

You don’t deserve anything
You don’t deserve dust
You are a demon, Aluu
Die, Aluu Die!

I thought human(ity) lived in thy bosom
But I see the devil
Walking up and down
Die, Aluu, Die!

You have killed thy sun
You have taken down thy dreams
You have lit thy last candle
Die, Aluu, Die!

For thou art a bastard
Thou art a f**king bastard
Thy generation is a f**king bastard

Die, Aluu, Die!

meet the poet: Nwilo Bura-Bari Vincent

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