DEBACLE (a poem by Nket-Awaji Alpheaus)

Read Time:56 Second
we will have no mouth
to mourn what morning brings
the corona-feasting carrion
littering our lawns

we will have no seed but scion
to plant for the season
our barns be brimmed
with broken memories of loss

we will bear no tongue
with which to sling
supplications skywards
for god's favoured hand

between reality and fantasy
we see zilch swimming the sea
the depth of faith flows
towards confluence of cognition

we will be drained like delta
with politricked veracity
our maudlin moans bile our belly
like brackish water in fish groin

no tears to shed
no tea to share
covid coos like ominous cock
in the afternoon of life

Nket-Awaji Alpheaus is a poet, critic and essayist. He is currently studying English and Literary studies at Ignatius Ajuru University. He has featured in Tribute to Kofi Annan anthology, Citadel of Words anthology published by Words Rhyme & Rhythm and Repostes of Locked Down Voices published by the Society of Young Nigerian Writers (SYNW). He is currently working on his collection of poems, Acres of Mind Away from Home.