DEAR LORD: Okeme Jerome Akpevwe

Read Time:44 Second

Your words I always pray to obey
No matter how much they weigh
Help me that I may not fall prey
So I’ll be brighter than the sun’s ray.

Lord! Over me may my enemies not prevail
Lock them not in dungeons, not
even in jail
If they’re in any, please grant them bail
But may they see not my trail

Your name I’ll forever display
‘Cos You’ve never led me astray
Even when I experience any dismay
You come to my help without delay.

Make me the head and not the tail
that all may hear the glorious tale
For the many waters, give me strength to sail
You, oh Lord, my lips will forever hail.

Grant me your favour each day
And teach me what to say.
To those advise I say not nay
Help me cling to them even as I hit the hay.

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