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CROWN OF LIFE by Ndukwo Kalu Ugah

Read Time:45 Second

A crown of life shall be
To whosoever that believes in me,
That Christ is lord indeed
And to him alone has the lead.

Men shall serve him
With songs and the seraph hymn,
And his commands shall we all obey
to see his face on that glorious day.

O exalt him with praise
All nation,bless his name always,
For he had called us unto a place
Actually a paradise,with his grace.

A stroke,frees us from the touch of ill
Sea waves,he keeps still,
He conquers all
Even death,nature and all.

My child,shall I tell his story
that he is the king of glory,
Gethsemane,shall you not forget
Or Christ’s agony and the bloody sweat.

Victory to victory,we shall run the race
To meet him face to face,
In my heart,his words are written
And I arise as he has risen.