COVID-19 (a poem by Anthony Ogidi)

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the invisible global ghoul
ghosting from coast to coast
hounding down human for food

like a hungry hyena
lurking around for its prey
you sprang from an Asian wild
clawed at the lean-skin economy
of my beloved country
locking it down beyond its strength

ripped into bits for a meal
to be eaten by your cubs
as hyperinflation
hunger and abject poverty
hope-wrenching unemployment
and bloodthirsty insecurity

as no one knows the trail trodden by you
so is no one in the know of how to track you down
and taming is as twice the task of tracking

we all are affected by her demise
with shivering shocks
running through the veins
of our common hope
and fate is the bitter pill
we all must swallow with patience
to ease collective pains

Anthony Ogidi is a poet, a teacher and art enthusiast. His Poems have featured in several online magazines. He is based in Jos, Plateau State, where he is the coordinator of the Jos Peace Prize for Poetry.

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I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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