Read Time:1 Minute, 14 Second [Civilian To Police]
Hey, unpretigious friend!
You clad in dark uniformed attire,
Glued to your gluttonous body like a bird to its feather!
As you parade in the lazy pride it gives,
Its sour scent troubles civilian stomachs!

“Police is your friend!”
You chewed and spat the lofty words,
Seeking undeserved well-done handshakes!
But you haven’t uprooted its meaning,
You are no different from the garage tout!

On illiteracy game you topped,
In ignorance’ pool, you swim to victory!
You denied rights in guise hearty servitude,
Slapping, dabbling, and pushing the weak about.
Steep in irresponsibility, you are!

“Call 911” you broadcasted,
To be deemed indulged in civilians. You never did!
When invited in crisis, phone quarrels with network,
And the outcome leads to weeping for civilians.
You appear when its calm, to maim the innocent for proof!

Once civilians turned terrorists by khaki, your gun is your flaw;
You gun civilians dead to prove mere points,
Survivors shiver, denied their rights by a tool of protection!
Yet, you complained of bad salaries pensions,
But pried bribes from pocket and loan arms to evil ones!

But listen, as times passes by, things fade;
Sure, it would turn this plight of ours for good,
Wherefore civilians would retain rights, and pocket them
All about they go, as cricket, ‘crickling’ undisturbed!
Then, rights would outnumber guns!

Written by: Sunday Moshood
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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