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Gorillas and monkeys may claim oneness,
But are they?

Can guinea-corn be found guiltless in the company of guinea- fowls?
Can a man be blameless in the midst of his crocodile-smiling friends?
Can sheep and wolves mingle without harms?

Let them close those carnivorous teeth of theirs;
They can’t trick us.

They love us only with their teeth but
Their heart is filled with an unquenchable hatred.
Their words come in opposite directions.
In their presence – we share jokes
But behind us,
They plot our fall!

They are our fiend-friends – not close friends.
Don’t be fooled by their baseless praises.
Don’t be bought by their laughter.

Deliver us from the hands of our chameleon friends oh Lord!
And may we not be put to shame by these green snakes.

Written by: Abel Iseyen Ancientman
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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