Read Time:1 Minute, 3 Second [Broken Picture]
Yesterday, I was there
when the sun danced in glee
awakening our lonely hearts
to a strange tune
that charmed our thoughts

Yesterday, I remember
the hope his gaze held
the love his eyes spoke of
Oh, how I fell in step with him
while time crawled by, unnoticed

Yesterday, he smiled
Yes I was there, behind the curtains
and tears filled my eyes
a flicker of hope
that he was still there, my love

Yesterday, I remember,
he sang to me sweet lullabies,
while I slept,
listening to the rhythm of his heartbeat, and mine
enclosed by his comforting arms

Yesterday, barely gone
I was alive, today, no more
somehow, the silence chokes me
the nightmares reeks of fear
a sad relic of a treasure lost

Yesterday could see the moonlight in his eyes;
now, I can barely look at his face
I wonder what happened
when the pieces began to fall
from Cupid’s beautifully completed puzzle

Yesterday remains only but a memory
salvaged from a past seemingly unreal.
I wonder what happened
while standing, gazing,
at the broken picture that was once our love.

Written by: Luke Chukwudi Ugwueze
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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