BREAD AND BUTTER by Eziudo Michael Nwachukwu

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Never had it ever been heard
That crab and scorpion lived under one roof
But you say let’s call a spade a spade
Same flesh we wear, same image so let’s dine in one bowl
But, too soon, pretence throws hot yam in our mouths
And the fullness of your heart is spilled unguarded
If we were brothers, same blood would flow in our veins
And you won’t be wishing me deaths

Like you eat the orange you like to suck me dry
And you hug me on and on as the wineskin remains beneficial
Under your heart that hits mine is a sour hatred that is heard in your thigh
When then you bend my head under your knees
I thought where one God made all men we are one
But you mock God by what you nurse from your primal
The beauty of diversity never dawns in your eye
Racism masquerades into the bowl of our meal
Colour differences no more the bane where tribalism hosts the parties
I ask should I marry you and you ask when did chalk and marker become relatives

You leave me to wonder if marriage happens between tribes and if culture belove each other and I suffer
My sin being my source of descension and the maker you call fool becomes our judge
Marriage I see happens to couple of unlike minds who agreed to make it work
And the young shout back – that we know!
But tell our them who were before to take that, to understand what you see
And our tomorrow of no quest for separation shall be
If I called for to your tent oh Israel

Tell me if I had treaded on the lion’s tail or called for the Masquerade’s whip
Where Pharaoh mounts her throne by man-know-man syndrome ready for battle
And cakes baked in the heat from the east man’s shoulder by man with the facial marks
And inherent ability to speak my language bes the password to your own share

I look to once see a blood thicker than water
Where in one cluster exists wolves and sheep, sharks and sardine, oh, and
foxes and hen but far from sight it exists
Make your cry louder and let the hen gather her chick and let the trumpet be sounded and the anthem be sung
Or the fox would never let go and the wolves won’t give up until the last skin from the flesh is out

The hen has her chick scattered and laughter for stupidity never seizes
Sand is spread and your eyes remain open to suffer the pains
Foolishness is cheap but bought expensively
Let the pray and predator stay, let blood and water flow in one stream
Or even the sky may never be one with the earth

But oh, how sweet like sugar it be for sun and rain to stride
where the manipulation of the mind abides with beings alone
I did see bread marry butter

BREAD AND BUTTER by Eziudo Michael Nwachukwu

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