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Born into poverty
Orphaned by HIV/AIDS
Mind tattooed with dysfunctional memories
Heart hardened by lives havoc
Chassis overpowered by hunger
Her eyes tells a factual story…

First step out of poverty
Loathe her to the streets
Her naive mind manipulate her into prostitution
Little does she know the consequences

Nine months later…
She gives birth to a beautiful child
In his eyes she finds a fountain, radiance, branch of hope
Reason to live and leave the life of prostitution

Born to poverty
Orphaned by the government
Striving for survival
She begs for her livelihood
She gives gratitude and praise to God for…
He provide shelter for them
He provides daily bread for them
He provides security for them
She overcomes only by the grace of God

meet the poet: Jacqueline Hlongwane

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I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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