Read Time:1 Minute, 10 Second [BOMB IN A PARK]
Hopped into a bus to embark on a journey
Sitting close to this aboki man wasn’t funny
One or two passengers to complete the bus
The aboki bag was looking like a box
His horrible facial look
Took my attention from reading my book

Hardly could I describe why he was looking unrest
If I had the chance, would call for his arrest
His bag, he held firmly
Next on my mind was to call my family
He maintained a persistent look-around
Gradually dropping his bag on the ground

Per seconds, he began to act strange
The looks in his eyeballs suddenly changed
His face took on a rather vicious frownDropped his bag and jumped down
Even a king would run and forget his crown
A lady passenger even ran and tore her gown

I used the window; I forgot the exit door
Landing, people are already rolling on the floor
Twinkling of an eye, the whole place was dry
Panting, ladies running and crying. Nobody wan die
Not so long, the man came back
Surprised to see an empty park

In his hand he held a roll of toilet tissue
Ha! Urge to ease himself was the issue?

There is God o!
If na you, wetin you for do o

Written by: Elijah Anthony Nwali

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