Read Time:49 Second [Blood, Sweat And Tears]

The tree stood tall
Like a giant
Never to fall

Only its sight
Filled my frail soul
With acute fright

My hands trembled
On the wood axe
Nearly stumbled

Almost crying
Then a voice said:
‘Keep on trying’

I struck in vain
The tree stood firm
The voice again

I struck harder
But my tale was
Only sadder

In grave dismay
I turned my back
To walk away
The voice again
I picked the axe
I felt the strain

I shut my eyes
Aimed at the tree
Resolute tries

Each of the veins
In my hands stood
Was in great pains

The voice’s stance
My axe began
Gaining entrance

The tree began
To shiver like
A frightened man

And finally
Opened my eyes

There was a thump
Nothing remained
But the tree’s stump

Written by: Saviour Iz Otubelu
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson