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My name is beauty
my other name is lovely
I am a quality wanted by everyone
An attribute despised by none
Made for all
In their hearts I dwell
Discovered by few
in their hearts I brew
Diverse are my ways, it’s my being
Appearing here and there, that’s my thing
The faces of men, I beautify
Their hearts, I fancify
In anxious minds I lie
in earnest expectation, I sigh
I long for my discovery
I hold on, hoping a soul will unearth me
For I want to be seen
I want men to exercise my strength
So long have I waited for an explorer
such an one that I’ll change
With me filling him immanently
Radiating in his character brilliantly
So that, his life will always enunciate these words:

“The real beauty comes from within”

Written by: Alagbe Emmanuel Oluwabukunmi
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