AN IDEAL WIFE by Moses Oluwatobi Adebayo

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Count your wealth, plentitude of gold,
The crystals of the sea,weigh your jaspers;
The goldsmiths refines them, if they are old,
Buy it from menfolk that sells topaz;
But an ideal wife’s priceless than all
Nor can be own with coral of cush;
With precious jewel or onyx mined raw,
Her grace is beyond a flower’s lush;
More fairer than emerald and turquoise,
The rubies of ophir never can compare her;
The cost for her surpasses jades and sapphires,
Treasures there are, An abundance of sliver;
Even ornaments and pearls are as common as rock bars
Yet an ideal wife is as lofty as yonder stars

Such as tree is known by its fruits
May like the virtuous apple tree of Eden
Yields a blessed kind of sweet fruits;
As it burns, if fire in tent is hidden,
So she is, loudy, injudicious, An uncultured wife,
Like an old patch in a fine garment
A tameless wanton, weird, full of strife
A rod of scorn that strikens spirit with ailment
Unmend, piercing deep the bones like swords
But, how wise’s an ideal wife, wiser than dove
Which gives her hubby wits, healing words
They are friends and he trusts in her love
You’re lamp to house of he that marries her
Who then’s wise, that he could find her?

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