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How old are you now, seventy or so?
Still, you are not ashamed of that shame show
Was it not your last birthday, she gave you warm smiles
Because she trusted you all through her miles

Even though, she knows that you are a neighbour
Still, she calls you a grandpa
How would she know you harbour
A grievous thought, in your heart’s harbour

No wonder, you kissed her with passion the first day
Had been she known, wouldn’t she have ran away
You don’t deserve to be called a grandfather
You are nothing but an *agbaaya!

Do you even know how old she is?
All you wanted was you phallic release
Agbaaya, are there breasts
On her now-bruised baby chest?

Is she not your great grand daughter?
Yet, you ‘peckered’ her with false laughter!
How much did you spend when she was born?
Now you offer your gray hair for public scorn!

Agbaaya, may you never find peace!

*Agbaaya – Yoruba for a person behaving in a manner unbecoming of one’s age.

Written by: Dauda Muideen Lanre
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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