A WISP OF MEMORY: by Peter Jokoh

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Fun filled days of my yesterpast
How I wished it would forever last
Thunders didn’t rumble when we met
But something more than natural we did felt
Back then when uniforms were compulsory
Being together eased the worry

Fate dropped a twig on your path
Wasn’t your fault, just life’s unfair impact
You told me all as should a friend
I vowed not to leave no matter the bend
We sailed through that, we overcame
Together our friendship we again reclaim

Friends told you to stay away
He’s no good they all say
Yes, I was nothing but naïve
Yet, never once did your commitment wave
I wasn’t surprised cos I foresaw our meeting
But it amazed me when it became a real thing

I wasn’t perfect, I wasn’t the best
But I tried not to be like the rest
Way through college days we went
So many years together we have spent
At times we quarrel, often times we fight
But I heard that’s what makes friends tight

I can’t pinpoint when everything changed
On us, circumstances rained
Almost all times I know I’m at fault
I know to you I have done a lot
We who crossed a raging fire
Would we be crushed by a match’s mere flicker?

In the shadow of yesterpast we now live
Its never too late to mend, so I believe
Keep the wrongs to the left, let’s take a right
Let’s be the story people would love to recite
We have invested a lot on this project
Would you look away and all neglect?

A wisp of memory

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