A SMALL WORLD (a poem by Tajudeen Alaya)

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It is a small world;
One door in and one window out
One hiss in China—a thousand mountains in Italy crumbles
Like a biscuit in the mouth of Death.
The World is on its knees
Pleading forgiveness for sins that had been long forgotten
Dogs are mourning their masters
And cats are no longer to be seen in the corridors of their owners.
Love is no longer physical -
For there are more deaths in hugs and handshakes.
Men, now falling like dried leaves
Singing along songs that are to be sung in unmarked graves
Who is to be blamed for this unexpected fury—
For this spell on mankind?
Banks are now morgues
Churches are now empty and Adhan is called in silence
Oh, what grief!
“Close your door,” they say,
But which doors are the homeless going to close?

Tajudeen is a man who believes in the echoes of silence and the peacefulness it creates: A man on one side and the word on the other. He resides and writes from Lagos.

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