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I fight the good fight of the ink

Cut my losses
I polish my shoes blue
And talk in rhymes, the truth.

I am a Pen-Wielder!

— Nonso Davies Donatus

Paper is the battleground
With might, I sway my pen
Colored in ink,
a testament to my prowess
My muse; O! My shield
On I shall march
For this battle has no end
On I shall march
Till death on it’s chariot
comes calling.

I am a Pen-Wielder!

–Egobu Mma Nwoke

They will all feel the wrath of this raging fire
They will feel it from the tip of my pen
None will escape
I’ll drown them all in this ocean full of ink
I will purify their rotten souls with this ink.

I am a Pen-Wielder!

–Sam DePoet

Am I a Pen-wielder you ask?
Do I speak out my mind with ink
To answer that isn’t a task
One that doesn’t even require me to think
Of course,

I am a Pen-Wielder!

–Ogoluwa Simon Ojewale

In this present time of the world.
How well can I speak my Father’s word?
Is it by sword?
Or by arrow?
Or by what?

All over the world
My pen will make them know of the great secret of God
Which is Christ

I am a Pen-Wielder!

–Bambi Daniel Oluwadare

War not, my dearest, only with thy pen
With it, I pray thee, mob tears from bleeding souls
spreading hope to crumbling heart
A promise of a better morrow
Yes I’m, yes you are

A Pen-Wielder!

— Sunday Odikemmere Onwuegbu

Let’s march!
let’s match!
let’s match words
let’s match swords
let’s match words with swords!
Let’s march!

March till we get to the very end…
Littering the battleground with empty pens…

Invading their dens, incarcerating every thing that walks on twos
Everything that walks on fours…
Words slashing right, slanting left.. Dead on centre!

We’re Pen-Wielders!

–Don Al-Maleeq & Sam DePoet

Pen making life.
And building the world.
Out of the heart to the pen.
To the world.

I am a Pen-Wielder!

–Bambi Daniel Oluwadare

Let the word be made flesh
Let our world be refreshed
Refreshing the burdened
With soothing words.

We’re Pen-Wielders!

–Don Al-Maleeq & Sam De Poet

Yes! I’m a Pen-Wielder
Poetry mid-fielder

–Kingsley U. Ayistar

I am a Pen-Wielder!
A word bender
Making sense
Off assumed nonsense
Passing timeless messages
With few words
Causing my pen
To bleed my thoughts
With ease.

–Alozor Michael Ikechukwu

Yes I am a Pen-Wielder!
I am God’s voice on earth.
My pen is the cutlass.
That make path in the bush.
Through Christ Jesus.
My pen give laws and direction.
Like Moses of ancient.
To the Israelite.

–Bambi Daniel Oluwadare

I wield my pen
to cut deep
in the flesh of time
that even if the wound heals
the vivid scar endures to touch
the heart of men

I am a Pen-Wielder!

–Muhammad Ali Muhammad

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