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No words!
Just a hug,
Then a slap
‘Fore I walk…
~ Eze Francis

I don’t know why I love him this much,
Is it because he has transformed my fatherland?
As he knows how well to play the drum of death,
His shoeless legs will waltz its way to exit very soon…
~ Olanrewaju Moses-Poet

Cold water boiling bitter yams
Take us to the peaceful eatery
Where true democratic leaders lead terms
And triumphed without US failed bursary
~ Oluwa Seun Tiwistar

He is Goodluck
His luck comes in other peoples unluck
He has no unlocking potential
That’s why Nigeria greatness is padlocked
~ Emmanuel Tobiloba

Our president is 57
Remember his pledges in 2011?
Manna, indeed comes from heaven
Our nation, indeed a safe haven.
~ Abdulkadir Muhammad Alfa

Join me o’er a plate of beans
Forgo the sacks of currencies
Let’s toast to 57
Shoelessly clueless
~ Covenanted Chimnonso

Our birthday present we bring
Wrapped in the usual green, white and green
The reward of your selfless stewardship
Our pain, our woes as a gift we bring
~ Kolawole Oludare Stephen

Mind closed, heart opened, will tell you what you want to hear,
More wisdom, strength and understanding I wish you from here.
As you turn fifty seve
I pray you stay away from every evil and walk towards making heaven.
~ Mbagwu Amarachi Chilaka

Today our dear president added a year
Nigerians roasted by psychobombers
All he eyes is a second tenure
Who will he lead if we all becomes wasteful manure?
~ Dauda Muideen Lanre

You are goodluck
That’s in padlock
You are too patient
Thus you’ve made us patients.
~ Ogechukwu Emmanuel Samuel

I See A Man In You, Goodluck
Rome Wasn’t Built In a Day.
If They Think It Is Easy Let
Them Go To Aso Rock!
~ Raphael Kueniemugh Karibo

Fifty seven nightmares to haunt your memory
Of souls wailing in cauldron of merciless wizards
Fifty seven dreams to ignite your passion in quest
Of Nigeria’s future map; choose your wish, mares or dreams?
~ Benjamin Elemide

Man of valour we thought we had,
Yet we await the return of girls of Chibok,
While innocent blood have soaked many pads,
Yet,we still you as Goodluck….
~ Abisinuola La Luce Jewel

The Eli of our time, to you I say congrats
As you clock plus one today
One who’s too dumb to respond and react
To the suffering and unjust killing of his people
~ Ikirigo Sokari Jeremiah

A man with an arrow that refuses to pierce,
Yet, rages his voice to catalyse fears.
We would have called you Akogun,
But you left your fate to be determined by the faithless Ogun.
~ Oluwatosin Faith Kolawole

Clock hands tick with time
As we prepare to dine in sand
Moments come and go
What will memories tell of you?
~ Martins Ekong

Ever since you become the President
You gave us new meaning to Goodluck
Tide has consistently hit this ship; since start of this journey- Ebele
Day by day, one by one we found ourselves in the belly of poverty-whale. Jonathan
~ Olanrewaju Tajudeen

Fresh air you promised
good luck you were called
Second term you seek
what will posterity tell of you?
~ Alagbe Emmanuel Oluwabukunmi

Jonah, while some are conscious of their beauty
Ebele, others are unconscious of their conscience
I am truly disappointed with your leadership quality
A fool at 40, now 57. Still a stranger to common sense?
~ Tijjani Muhammad Musa

As a boy, you had no shoe
Yet now hold the scepter of governance
As a man, you have no clue
Yet seek from us a second chance.
~ Anthony Seun Uzuphe

Good luck of Nigeria’s time, I hail your star-
Your chronometer that born but gutless incandescence
With entourage of deadly farts and blasts, though oft exonerate.
Boldly I hail you, haywire, shoeless, now ambush to the space.
~ Prince Hto Precioustwins

To a leader we bow
though it seems your government is any how
your governance talent still raw
some stil believe in you and in your history i still swim in awe
~ Folarinde Joseph

For years you never had shoes
And after getting them
You set our teeth on chattering edges
With the bile taste of your sour leadership.
~ Prince Kuti Adetoye Olayinka

President, a question in private I pray
my sisters still in sambisa lie
will you #bringbackourgirls one day?
or will they in Shekau’ hand die?
~ Bravedave Abisoye Osifeko

How do you feel being ‘a father’ who cannot rescue his kidnapped ‘children’?
What would you feel wanting to help but impotent by your own limitations?
How would you feel trusting people who might discreetly vote you out of power?
What would you feel realising you could have done more after you’ve retired?
~ Princess Okolie

Rule the age with edge
Weaving an uncommon legacy
Leadership is not bread and Butter
Simply be a good mixer and server.
~ Ifeanyi Enoch Onuoha

Arise nigerians,
Play on the flute of mockery
And let Jo dance to those beats of his treachery,
Mr jo, you’re a specialist in failure!
~ Abiola Inioluwa Oluwaseun

A young claw-less Bayelsa cub
Now mantled as the jungle’s king
Mere boko ‘RAMs could he not curb
Yet of second term he’s aspiring
~ Abegunde Sunday Olaoluwa

So good is your mission
But sinister sprout their intention
If like the octopus you stand
Your tentacles shall heal this green land
~ Rich Alzy

Dear captain Goodluck,
Take charge and sail Nigeria
The tides do not control the ship
The sailor does.
~ Ogwo David Emenike

Sun, shine unto the darkest throne,
For Sheep bleeds blood upon the shepherd feet.
King, you age, like a donkey on a run,
Thy wary heart wipes not tears,whereupon thy sheep Sit.

If my tears permit, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!
~ Israel Thomas

what is good about luck
mr jona? is it that boko the hungry whale
loves you, or that you can now buy 57 shoes
– on our sweat – if you so choose
~ Benson David

In as much as you dream dreams,
you must not let it
block the vision of the next generation
Chinua Achebe, The trouble With Nigeria.
~ Chibuihe-Light Obi

Hurray, Mr Jo is fifty-seven today!
But, how good is your luck thus far?
How well have you crossed the seven seas?
Should we still be patient with your ideas?
~ Yung Raymar Lee

Deliver this green Ninevah O Jonah!
Awake from the cruel belly of this starving whale
For 57 ages we await a messaiah
Our strenous boots cry in this wilderness
~ Rich Alzy

Old age means more knowlegde!
please sir prove me right
you have all the might
To make it alright!
~ Charles Bernard Aghadi

I am inspired by your good luck
But not satisfied with your works
You should have brought goodness in truck
Rather than just sit in Aso Rock
~ Adebesin Lekan Ope

what makes criticism “mere”?
the fact that the facts bite without mercy?
or why are the criticisms not supposed to be (so)?
because we are a specie now adapted to accepting excuse?
~ Benson David

onathan! A man who usurped power with luck
Whose tenure have been of hard luck
The gods for sake thee in messy aura
As spiritual help you seek in diaspora
~ Olajide Teniola

To a man that soften faces full of sadness,
wisely leads a nation full of hardness,
endures ugly words that’s full of sourness,
and lives with his people in happiness.
~ Ruth Ede

Mr JEG we don’t need sycophancy.
If you can do it, your dwindling deeds are a function of
Your self acclaimed ability as your grey hair speaks of
Your 57 years of bad and good lucks
~ Ijadunola Temitope Lawrence Stol

Our president Jonathan is not gentle
Even if Boko Haramams are drumming battle
GEJ want everyone to lives peacefully
That is why he’s displaying calmness for us to remain one nation hopefully.
~ Bolaji Aladie De-Linguist

Written by Students of the Words Rhymes & Rhythm College of Poetry as class exercise on 20th of November 2014 on the occassion of President Goodluck Jonathan’s 57th birthday. All opinions expressed in the poem are the individuals’ not WRR’s.

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