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We are pleased to present you Regeneration, the second issue of CỌ́N-SCÌÒ MAGAZINE. This issue offers poems, essays, stories, photographs and art that tell, in creative expressions, of resilence of humans: they show how humanity is healing from the effects of the coronavirus lockdown which brought prolonged isolation and socio-economic strains.

Only through regeneration can we truly heal and overcome the complete distortion of the economic ecosystem and the social entropy such as fear and panic which was fueled by the pandemic. The literary offerings in Regeneration are full of light and hope, both of which are active ingredients for the medicine our world direly needs.

We cannot thank our contributors enough for their works:

Qudus Olowo, Abasiama Udom, Osahon Oka, Jide Badmus, Onwana Chibueze Declan, Luper Damkor, Ambali Abdulkabeer, Akor Agada, David Alberto Carmona, Vova Krasilnikov, Grafreaks, Ewa Gerald Onyebuchi, Nket-Awaji Alpheaus, Emmanuel Faith, Eketi Ette And Kukogho Iruesiri Samson.


  • JIDE BADMUS (Poetry Editor) is Jide Badmus is an engineer, a poet inspired by beauty and destruction; he believes that things in ruins were once beautiful. Jide is the author of There is a Storm in my Head; Scripture; Paper Planes in the Rain (co-author)) and Paradox of Little Fires. Badmus has curated and edited several anthologies. He is the founder of INKspiredNG, a literary platform, poetry editor for CỌ́N-SCÌÒ
    , and sits on the board of advisors for Libretto Magazine. He writes from Lagos, Nigeria.
  • DAVID ISHAYA OSU (Photography & Art Editor) is the author of ‘When I’m Eighteen’, a poet memoirist and street photographer. His work has appeared in Magma Poetry, Poetry Wales, The Griffith Review, The Oxford Review of Books, among numerous others.
  • EHI-KOWOCHIO OGWIJI (Features Editor) is a writer who examines womenfolk issues, mental health, and environmental realities. Her works have appeared on several literary platforms and she has won accolades for her writing.
  • EUGENE YAKUBU (Fiction Editor) is a seasoned book critic, reviewer and storyteller. He loves art and nature and spends his time reading beautiful novels and writing stories.
  • KUKOGHO IRUESIRI SAMSON (Editor-in-Chief) is an award-winning writer, communications professional, publisher and entrepreneur. Kukogho has authored four books including ‘Devil’s Pawn‘, winner of the Dusty Manuscript Prize 2018.

To you, esteemed reader, we urge you to download, digest, and disseminate freely because as Maya Angelou said, “once you have healed, it is time to go out and heal others.

Thank you.