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Writer – /ˈrʌɪtə/ – a person who has written something or who writes in a particular way.

The world needs more writers.

In their article ‘WHY WRITING IS SO IMPORTANT’, Brandon Gustafson Linda Tran & Jocelyn Buck explored the subject of writing and its importance to society. A key point they made goes thus:

The importance of writing stems from the fact that writing is the primary basis upon which communication, history, record keeping, and art is begun…The words you use can show who you are as a person, the things writing has done in our lives and the world is profound. I cannot imagine a life that didn’t involve writing.



If you ask me, everyone should write. Why? Everyone has a story (or stories) – idea, perspective, experience, philosophies, and aspirations – which other people will love to hear/read.

Going by Wikipedia’s definition that ‘a writer is a person who uses written words in various styles and techniques to communicate their ideas’, one can say that writers are expressing ideas and, by extension, those who do not write are hoarding/hiding their ideas?

Kukogho Iruesiri Samson, says, “You owe the world at least one book before you die because, after death, everything you know is lost forever” unless you have written them down.

That idea you have, put it down on paper, research it and make it a body of work that others than learn from.

REMEMBER: If you are writing your book, we are available to provide tips and support in any way necessary.


A fact that every serious writer needs to note is that Editing is as important as writing itself.

Your first draft is an outpouring of your story & your ideas. During this outpouring, you’re more invested in the story than the technicalities, grammar, consistency, and other little details. Without editing, chances are that these shortcomings will go unnoticed, only to become glaring after your work has been publishing. This is why EDITING is the soul of book creation – it lifts the quality.

Many writers have had promising writing careers destroyed by minor (or major) errors in their works which could have been spotted and amended during editing. Some of these writers do not see the importance of an editor.

Indeed, editing/editors play a major role: fixing grammar, improving the content & structure, fact-checking, and vocabulary consistency, etc. – things that are easily missed in the first draft.

REMEMBER: After you write, you must EDIT and we have a team of seasoned editors. Talk to us about your manuscript.


Publishing your book is the end game of writing.

Just as everyone has a story (and is capable of writing personally or through ghost-writing services) but not everyone writes, so also not everyone who writes something eventually publishes a book. 
It is the act of publishing your writings that turns you into an author and separates from every other writer, even though not everyone who publishes a book is a ‘good writer’ by default.

Publishing your writings stamps your thoughts and ideas, permanently, in the pages of society, irrespective of the subject matter you explored. It gives you a certain level of professionalism and makes you an authority of sorts. There is also an intensely pleasurable feeling that comes with holding one’s writings as a book and/or seeing others enjoy the same.

So, publish your writings!

REMEMBER: To be a writer, you have to write and to be an author, you have to publish your writings – and we can help you achieve this.




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