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Title: Poeheartic (Rhythms of Love)
Author: Adebayo Kolawole Samuel
Genre: Poetry
Number of Pages: 70
Publishers: Words Rhymes & Rhythm
Year of Publication: 2017
ISBN: 978-978-959-183-1

Love is a journey. And to undertake such experience within the radius of the pen is a serious business of a patient pilot of poetics. And yet again, to write about love, is documenting the soul— and more often, a searchlight for revival.

Here, is Adebayo in whom I am well pleased.

Adebayo is undoubtedly a serious mind; a confident custodian of love. He departs with the fire of “revival” and revival here is very symbolic. Life. That love is an effort to live from the haunts in ‘”espresso”. That love is a ‘”song of songs” to bring about “rhythms” to the hurts of “sad songs”. That love is breath to every deadness. There is a pilgrimage intent in “wash me”— and laying bare. A total surrender to love. The “longing” in “drink me” is converting.

To say love is cleansing, is valid.

Without doubt, Adebayo’s poeHEARTic is a gripping artistic evidence.

It makes the heart tick—it makes a thick heart break into an indescribable softness. Something dotingly cozy. The reader’s sense of appreciation is quickly awoken.  At first, to a radiation of aesthetic trappings of fine poetics, then ingenuity and at the same time a resounding call to love and love genuinely.

One other beautiful thing about this collection is that the poet does not fail to expose the polarity existence in love; the ills and heals, the heartbreak and heart-mending, the heat and cold, the cut and court— as a way of saying love is beautiful— as a way of saying love is strictly for mature minds, not for babes or cowards who misunderstand “falling” in love as a parade of ridicule.

Adebayo’s sight is plain. He sees respect, equality and oneness as able companions for love to be love, something evidently missing in the love expressed nowadays.

Adebayo shines a new light on love; that love is being beautifully and uniquely senseless.

He keeps for posterity epistles of love— to a son, to a daughter, to a husband, to a wife, to the young and old — to serve as stand-by buoys as one drowns in the waters of love.

The exploration of love in this collection is bright and brilliant— an act of pruning and creating a renewed platform to approach love and sensuality and the consciousness exuded in the use of language is equally simple and profound, a safe channel to tread to touch love that is love.

Of a note in poeHEARTic, the woman, as a symbol of love, is roundly glorified. O Woman! I hail o.

Who says love is not capable of resurrection? Adebayo’s poeHEARTic IS a resounding answer!

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