A LONG NIGHT by Saidu Mark Jatau

Read Time:52 Second

The moment you walked through,
I saw a broken soul like a smashed fruit.
Pain took you straight to the bed side,
Were you devoured her pictures sitting on the wall side.
You sobbed your soul from the inside out,
Like a beating child hindered a cry.

I remember asking what the matter was,
Your loud silence only made me seek for answers from the littered pictures on the floor of the room tiles.

It pains me to see you watch in grief as night fell around us,
And sat still speaking words engraved in your heart before me.

I knew this time was different from the last,
Cos’ the morning refused taking this pain filled long lonely night away.

I watched carefully as you enjoyed the moment of grief alone,
And in this moments, i saw a beautiful nest built with broken branches of tree.
I saw love in the midst of your grief.
I saw pain caused by love,
And this pain can only be taking away by same love!


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