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To my poet and non-poet friends…

Poetry writing is an interesting craft that could be acquired via personal interest, association with people of like minds, conscious learning, etc.

Mindful of its features/rudiments and the boldness to try one’s hands at writing poems, one would be moving a notch up displaying humility to share one’s writings with established and upcoming poets as well as non- poets.

However, the ability to deliver thoughts/ feelings, experiences and the like in concise poetic flow matters. In this respect, traversing various ages in poetry writing counts.

Accordingly, one mustn’t be deterred by conservatives who hold an old school reasoning that poetry should and must be written in a particular order to be anointed as poetry.

Pen down your thoughts, feelings and experiences in any way possible, keep writing, keep sharing and you will see how these are edited and reedited by you as you mature in the craft.

Never rush to the press because posterity may not judge you kindly.

by Eriata Oribhabor

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