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When a baby cries in the middle of a night, she knows what she wants but the only person who understands that need is a mother, who is deprived of sleep. I have had series of conversations with people and I see that what they really want is the same thing I longed for, things I later realized poetry gives out freely.

  1. A LEAP TO SANITY – Who thinks deeper than poets? When knowledge reaches its breaking point that is when poets put on their wings and soar high into the island of imagination, to a world where nothing has happened but everything exists – a world of a zillion and one possibilities.

  2. FREEDOM FROM BOREDOM – When there are no video games to play, no place to go and no one ready for a chat, what you need is poetry. When you understand poetry, you are someway better than those who just write poems: You don’t need to be inspired as poetry itself is inspiration. Write more poems than you need and read more poems than you want then you will never be bored.

  3. TOURS AROUND THE WORLD – Poetry allows us to sit at one spot and bring the moon closer to our eyes, clothes the sun with our palms and bring the heavens to our earth.I recently read these poems; “BROKEN CHINA” by Michael Ifeanyi Akuchie and “TAKE ME TO KENYA” by Isaac Archibongpoet. Both poets are from Nigeria but I was amazed by how these poets touch the heart and soul of these foreign nations, even more than their citizens would ever do. That is what poetry can do.

  4. SENSE OF RESPONSIBILITY – Poetry makes you a critic, a prophet, a seer and a mouth that speaks relentlessly for the desired societal change. As a poet, you see everything about nothing. Whenever I see poets, I call them gods over other humans because, to them the word is born, and to them the word is given.

  5. A RISE TO STARDOM – Everybody wants to be recognized and remarked as a hero – poetry gives the opportunity. When you touch lives with the lines of your poems, when you inspire the bored souls and make faces to wear fine smiles, then the world shall award you a medal of excellence and history will never be complete without you.

Everything you need and everything you want is given freely by poetry. It is true that not everyone is born to write but everyone is born to read. Everyone needs knowledge to live and there is no such source of this than poetry.

So, read a poem today and become an island of knowledge. Then let those who are born with the pen write, for theirs is the unimaginable kingdom, the power and the glory that such humans are bound to have.

by Micheal Ace

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I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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I am a member of the WRR editorial team.

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