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This week, we bring you a rising star in the skies of poetry, Jeremiah Ohigbochie Praise, known by his Facebook moniker, Jeremiah Peters, as our Poet of The Week (#POTW).

The amazing thing about, Jerry as he is fondly called by close friends, and his strides in poetry is that he only started writing poetry about 7 months ago or there about.

Jeremiah Peters hails from Edo State. He was born on the 21st of February 1995. He currently resides in Ibadan, Oyo State. Jerry plans to study Mechanical Engineering in the nearest future.

In a chat with WRR’s Sam De Poet, amazing Jerry Peters lets us into his world…

What prompted you to begin writing poetry?

(Smiles) I read a piece titled “PEN ME A SWORD” by Shade Mary-Ann Olaoye which touched me (laughs) and I added her to teach me poetry. I was born into poetry, April 18, 2014

What inspires your writing?

Politics, nature, positivity and negativity, general things of life

Do your poems have any predominant themes?

Not really, but I try writing with simplicity and mostly politically too. I also try sending a message to my audience (I love them so much)

Why is poetry important to you? Do you get satisfaction from them?

Poetry is an addiction I cannot be freed from, so getting satisfaction sounds like an understatement. Poetry makes me feel alive!

Are there any specific poems or poets that have influenced your style as a poet?

Well, with lots of poets on Facebook you won’t want to streamline your ink to a particular style, intelligent people (poets and non) challenge my thoughts to journey into another realm. So I’m influenced by so many people

How much do you think life experiences influence our writing?

I’ll say all, because we still even travel into escapism to get more thoughts

How much of yourself do you inject into your poems?

(Sighs) Well, not much of me, ’cause I’m a little bit esoteric

Are there certain condition in which you write better?

I think I write better typing

What role do you think poems and poets should and can play in society?

Wow! A very big one.

Poets and their poems are the voices of the masses. And in as much as they want change in the society, it should start with them.

Most poets write in English. Now, what is your position about traditional poetry written in local dialects?

Awesome! I love traditional poems, they reflect cultural values even though it seems 21st century wants to annihilate it. They take us back to old times. Just that I can’t write in my own dialect but I can in Yoruba.

Is there anything you want to let us in on? Perhaps you’re working on something at the moment?

Not really, just trying to work on being a spoken word poet

Before I let you go, a word or two for fellow young aspiring poets?


Think beyond your thoughts, travel into forlorn lands and return with dynamic lines. You can be jealous but never be intimidated.

You can break grounds too, life is a process but diligence can make you skip some. Never settle for the less.

Mobile: 08183529834, 09031196349
Facebook: Jeremiah Peters
Email: jeremiahpeters5@gmail.com

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