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Timileyin Gabriel Olajuwon, popularly referred to as TGO, is a young Nigerian poet and a literary critic whose writing is emotional and sensitizing.

He is an international multi-award winner, awarded the World Poetry Ambassador to Nigeria (Canada) in 2013 and nominated the Inspirational Poet of the Year 2013 by World Friendship Celebration (Pentasi B) in the Philippines. He has won several other awards.

His works have been featured in series of international anthologies and journals. He has published a book titled ‘CALL FOR RETREAT’.

What is your source of inspiration?

Poetry for me, is an inner man that I nurture daily, it is my soul and the breath I breathe. It is a testimony today that I am an upcoming poet, had it been that one or some of the members of my family or rather my relatives is a rational writer, I would have said I inherited the trait but obviously none has ever been one. However, it will be so ridiculous to compare my ability with others ability. I found myself just being natural. I found the passion in me and I follow it. Nonetheless; It is one thing to be naturally skilled, it is another to develop the skill: believe in yourself that you can do it.

God is my knowledge and the source of my inspiration. However, Inspiration comes most times through logical thinking, while reading the scripture, listening to music, when captivated by the artistic or quote in a picture and reading works of other poets.

What poem out of the numerous you’ve written do you consider your best?

(Smiling) I am beginning to feel I am on the top of the world now. How sure are you I have numerous written poems? Well, out of the few poems I have written since I started written; whether good or bad; I didn’t consider anyone the best because they all come from the same source of inspiration. To judge myself will be a sign of depress. All I know is that I am improving on daily basis.

The older generation of poets like Professor Wole Soyinka, John Pepper Clarke etc. attained quite a height in the art, do you see these young generation of budding talents coming any closer? Are you one of such talent?

Yes! In fact they are beginning to outrun them. I have read numerous works of the older generations of poets and thousands of the present budding poets and I have come to the realization that there is a force behind the art of the present. This force is the zeal and passion that strike the young budding poets towards creative writings.

I can boastfully say that today’s budding poets are more talented and creatively creative, I foresee in few decades to come, the art of the present will fully surpass the older. The young shall grow even older than the old. Am I one of such talent? Maybe.

In what style do you write most? Or are you one of those who writes as the muse dictates without any form of style?

I write in 4/5 Rhymitic Quatrain (A newly developed style). It means a poem of four rhymes lines with at least five stanza of the same four rhyme lines. However, I pen as the muse dictates ati mes.

What is your definition of a perfect condition for writing?

Perfect condition for writing is simply found in the word VERSTHEN which means understanding.

Do you have any ancient or modern day poets as a role models? Are the influences of these role models visible in your writings?

Yes! Just as you have. Their influence has made me who I am today and probably what I will become in decades to come.

It has been brought to our notice that you work with an international poetry organization, shed more light on this?

I tried to hide but how best can, I am a representative of the World Poetry International built on respect, honor, support, peace and love for all through the power of art. Our goal is to bring out the voices of the young, talented writers whose voice needs to be heard “Vision and mission with no action is nothing but a total failure” – my vision as an ambassador is to keep the trust, believe, mission and focus of World Poetry International about world peace going and growing. Yesssssss! I am interested in developing young potential leaders – they are our future.

Apart from writing, what else do you do?

So far that I am a writer, I love reading, leading, listening to music, singing, at my leisure time I love chatting. I am versatile.

Any feat you can consider a notable achievement in your poetic journey so far?

Poetry has made me smile She has taken me far.

Facebook: Timileyin Gabriel Olajuwon
Mobile: +2347039515903
Email: Legendtgof@gmail.com


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