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POET OF THE WEEK: Salam Seun Olatunji (Tiwistar)

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Salam Seun Olatunji is our Poet of the week (#POTW). Popularly known by his moniker Tiwistar, Seun is a Chemistry student at the prestigious Polytechnic of Ibadan. Despite his roots in the sciences, he is a staunch lover of poetry whose creativity in the writing craft has won him the admiration of a fast growing fan base. The young poet is one of the most active on the WRR Poetry sharing platform.

In this interview with Samuel Ogbemudia Enobakhare, he speaks about his perspectives on poetry and writing.

When did you start writing poetry?

I started writing poetry February, 2014. I posted my first poem (democraZy) online at the end of that month.

What is the source of your inspiration?

I get my inspiration from music, happenings in the society and friends.

What goes through your mind when you write? Why exactly do you write?

I need to be creative and at the same time meet lives with the message, content.. That’s what I think when I’m writing

Do you have conditions in which you write better?

I think I write better when it’s quiet, and with my phone as the write pad.

Some poets are on the school of thought that rules hinder the flow of poetry, do you share these thoughts? Do you follow the rules? Or do you put it down exactly the way your muse dictates?

It’s good when you dance to the beat of your muse, it gives you freedom and the message will be raw. But when you write with rules or guidelines, it brings out the creativity in you… Both are equally good.

Share your thought on the influence of social media on poetry, what are the merits and demerits?

Social media have been such a good influence; it has given poets the chance to become family, and also the starters to learn from the masters. WRR is a great example. I see no negative effect really.

Juxtapose Nigerian poetry with Africa and the rest of the world, how have we fared in comparison?

I think we are almost there. I’ve read a lot of English poems and more of ours, (Prof Wole Soyinka and others) the use of words is intact, I see no difference.

Apart from poetry, what other passions do you indulge in?

I’m a football fan, an Arsenal FC fan, and I play too. I’m into drama, an actor.

What are your aims in writing poetry? What do you aim to achieve in the nearest future and on the long run?

Most of my messages [in my poems] are based on hope and love. I hope I will be able to instill hope in people, and make the world a better place.

A word or two for beginners in poetry and people who are planning to write poetry?

Don’t ever get discouraged, it’s not a character of a poet. Write, let people see it and rightly criticize it. You’ll get there with time.

Facebook: Oluwa Seun Tiwistar
Phone: 08093387900