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MESIOYE JOHNSON is a student of the Banking and Finance at the Federal Polytechnic Ilaro, known by the moniker “Affable” among his friends. Affable is a budding poet/Spoken Word artist and one of the most published poets on Words Rhymes & Rhythm (WRR).

Even though he has written for only about a year, Affable has a handful of literary accolades already; In February 2015 he was a finalist in the “TONY FERNANDEZ INTERNATIONAL POETRY COMPETITION” and in the same year, his poem was featured in the “LOVE POEMS” anthology supervised by Abegunde Sunday of Speaking Pen International Concepts (SPIC). He was also a finalists at the Be Blessed mini slam organized by Enigmatic Olumide Bisiriyu’s EGC.

He has been described as one of the poets to watch out for.


When exactly did you start writing poetry?

Well, I would say I discovered poetry in my ignorance. June 14 2014, was the day I wrote what I thought was a poem. It was about the yet-to-commence Brazil World Cup, and funny enough it was the day Brazil 2014 commenced that I dared poetry fully.

What inspires your poetry?

With spasm of reality, I would say that things around me especially personal experience does that more with the help of poets’ input in poetry events and the need to help change a situation which people consider odd also inspires my poetry, mind you, people’s expectation from me triggers my abilities to do more in poetry.

What style or type do you write?

Actually, I started my poetry in rhymed verses but along the lane of experiences and need to always suit intents and purpose of the messages in each of my poems, I opted for free verses, but I write in both styles and other ones too.

Do you have a role model in poetry?

Role model? None, why? Because getting to know yourself is the best model which plays its own role. Mind you, I love Robert Frost, Wole Soyinka and a host of them, but mentioning likes of JAMES ADEMUYIWA, ABIOLA INIOLUWA, JEREMIAH PETERS reveals the fact that my poetry today revolves around their axis manned by acuity; especially James among great men today .

What do you consider good poetry?

Anything that connects my soul to images that make me know the mind of the poet in question, which sticks to the real context of your intents and places some beliefs on our erstwhile known ignorance.

What are your best condition for writing? What and what exactly do you need for inspiration flow?

Well, it is mostly when my mind feels the urge to write on a subject which has been thought over for some time, especially where breeze blow her whistles in a silent ambiance.

Some poets are of the belief that you can force a muse, while others believe you have to wait for her to come calling. On which of this divide do you belong?

I would rather leave it and sleep instead of forcing my muse, but of course you can always invite your muse by ruminating on the effect Or the advantage therein the thoughts waiting to be birthed into a poem Or spoken Word piece.

You’ve been growing slowly and surely in poetry, what can you ascribe to this noticeable growth?

Yes. The willingness to grow by listening to material and immaterial comments about your work, and squashing realities from them has kept me going. The sincere feedback you get is who you are and the quality of your poems, so listen more.

Apart from poetry, what else are you into?

Nothing, so to speak, but anything writing gives me Joy.

If you’re asked to rate Nigerian Poetry on a scale of 1-10, how low or how high will your rating be?

I rate it 5 because we need more of sponsors, events that spread the good news. After these, we are good to go between a 7 and an 8. We want to be recognised too. Music isn’t the only industry where we are better off.

Why do you write and what are you trying to accomplish?

To be the best I can be and make people’s expectations proud of me at the long run.

What advice would you give aspiring poets?

I would answer this in just a quote of mine which is, “getting to know the circle you are in is the best way of making angles from it”. Listen more, read more and the only thing you do less is the talking.

Facebook: Mesioye Affable Johnson 
Email: johnsonmeshigold@yahoo.com
Phone: 08166030618

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