POET OF THE WEEK: Abiola Inioluwa Oluwaseun

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On #POTW poet of the week for this week, we’re proud to unveil Abiola Inioluwa Oluwaseun, a young, fast rising Nigerian poet.

Iniooluwa is the second child out of a family of three, sandwiched between a younger brother and an elder sister. Good looking, fair, slim and tall, Inioluwa is just what you would call a ladies man.

He is presently pursuing a degree in Communication Technology at the National Open University of Nigeria.

Sam had this chat with him:

When and how did you start writing poetry?

My first poem was released last year March 28, I got encouraged by Ayomide Festus when he discovered I had the ability in me, that was how my poetry life started.

How would you classify your poetry? What inspires it?

My poetry is inspired by nature, things happening in the world and things I experience each day.

What is poetry to you? Why exactly do you write?

Poetry is like “fetching water out of a parched land”. To me it is bringing non-existence into existence out of non-existence.

I write to create a better world, to develop myself and to help others improve.

Many see poetry as a tool capable of bringing about change to the society at large, do you share this view? If you do, how can this be made possible?

Poetry can correct the errors in the world, we have what it takes to build a new world, a world of peace, but we need to be recognized in this world at large.

Poetry should be supported more by the government in each country and continent. Poetry is like a new born baby who needs to be cuddled and cared for, lest she dies.

Apart of writing poetry, what other passion do you indulge in?

*Smiles* I love music with the whole of my heart. Music is my life, its my first love. These days, I indulge in writing more than music, but I’m sure I won’t be existing today without Music… *laughs*

Do you look up to any poet in particular? Local and international?

Well, I look up to James Ademuyiwa, KIS, Moses Opara and Wole Shoyinka. I love their writings and I guess we have the same goal.

How do you view Nigerian poetry? How far have we fared as poets?

Seun: Like I said before we get better day by day and we are creating a new world, but we’ve got much work to do to be fully recognized, I guess until all men are interested in poetry, we are yet to build a successful empire.

Plagiarism is a big problem facing authors in general, not just poets alone, share with us a way through which you are combating this scourge?

Anyone who indulges in Plagiarism either in or out of the poetry world does not have confidence in his/her ability. I guess the only way to overcome that is to believe in what we do and keep working hard.

I work hard and I believe in myself, that’s the only way I fight plagiarism.

What do you do to make yourself better as a poet?

I trust God in all I do, I work hard, I think poetry, I eat poetry, and in fact I swim in poetry. *Laughs* In summary I’ll say I believe in myself and I keep working to become an icon in the world of poetry.

You’re undoubtedly one of the most published poet on the WRR website, you send in quality poems on a regular basis, what is responsible for this commitment?

I tell myself every day that “The best way to receive the best is to give out the better, so I send my best poems on WRR because I believe my best poems are yet to come. I also believe in K.I.S and WRR.

I believe WRR’s got a burning future and I look forward to being part of it when the time approaches us. I also want my poems to travel faraway.

What are your goals, what are you aiming to achieve in poetry? What is your definition of zenith in your travel through the path of writing poetry?

My goal is to keep developing, help others develop and I won’t stop until poetry becomes a pillar for the world.

The day I pick up my pen and I’m unable to make a sentence is the day I believe I’ve gotten to my climax. I hope one day I’ll be the best poet in the world. *Smiles.*

Advice people who are yearning to write like you’re already doing?

Well my advice to poets out there is “Believe in Yourself. Rule the world through your thought and don’t see anything as impossible”


Mobile numbers: 08134228943,08131605203
Facebook: Abiola Inioluwa Oluwaseun 
E-mail: Innyoluwa1@gmail.com
Blog: Alos Parakletos