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YOU REMAIN MY PRESIDENT (a tribute for John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills

Read Time:1 Minute, 47 Second [Late John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills]

In your 68 years of existence, you were reduced to a nonentity, you were ridiculed
They created a platform for boys and girls
Young enough to be your children and grand children to insult and mimic
Your greatest achievement was not the development
But your ability to resist the temptation to reply

On your day you were installed
Your death drums sounded congratulations
Your very enemies hugged and smiled
Did you know the smiles were mere grins?
Yes you did. But typical Mills, you for forgave and forgot

Politicians, market women, school children
All of us became doctors, giving commentary on your health
Were you different from humans, Oh no!
Why then was your cough taken as death symptom
Your ailment was more psychological than physiological

Where! Where!! Where!!! In your chest room?
Did you house all those insults, humiliations and revilements?
Yesterday I saw your picture prior the presidency
Never knew you were that fat and healthy
Ooh I flooded with tears; the seat was made bitter for you

Wake up! Wake up!! Wake up!!!
Or open your eyes and ears. Look and listen six feet up
Your demise has now earned you a better Atta #Mills
Now they call you king of peace dubbed ”Asomdwe hene”
Now your history is written in golden colors

The mad man knocked down on the street
Now shares same soil bed with you
Did he ask you this question?
“Don’t you think they killed you?”
The usual Mills, you will laugh with no answer

Lest I forget, Naadu is doing just fine. Yes she wept tears
Now her eyes hold the better #Ghana agenda
She is planting the #Bible in SHS across the Country
We are all fine, preparing to meet you in heaven
You still remain my President!

Your Excellency, John Evans Fiifi Atta Mills

Written by: Oppong Clifford Benjamin
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson