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Read Time:1 Minute, 21 Second [You Lied Mr. President]
I live with harmonious free-will
My presence is airy
And I am with every soul
For I was molded to be a whisperer.

Tell the soul, the President
That lies will make him pregnant
For the abominations
He bestowed upon the soil of men.

You were the change men yearned for
The sun they believed in,
To shine solace into their dry veins
But what do I hear now?
You have raped their morning dreams
With your bizarre declarations.

I was alive before Earth’s birth
I am the fleshless whisperer.

Now tell me President
When on Creation Day
Did God unite Man with Man?
I saw it happen:
It was Woman that comforted Man
But upon your coming,
You broke the balance of nature.

A whisperer does not shed tears
But now I sleep with tears.
I cry every moment
Because you, President, have broken my heart.

I have seen what my ancestors never saw;
The sacrilege they never dealt with
O ambitious Ruler,
You have wrecked the hope of men

Tell me O uncircumcised Soul
Has no mortal ever drank from the cup of courage
To say boldly into your ears:
You have deceived our faith?

Man might be scared
Nature might be mourning
But I am a whisperer, truth is my nature.
O President I must tell you:
You are but a bad news from Ekwensu.

NOTE: This is strictly the opinion of the poet and not that of WRRPoetry

Written by: Olisaeloka Onyekaonwu
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson