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If by reason of birth, all men are equal
Let me talk
If by life I have rights to stand tall
I hear my morrow call
If my tear is all you see
Let me weep
If its blood only, that’s speaks your plea
Profusely I bleed

You speak of yesteryears
How men loved, come what may
You spoke of peace,
The lion and the lamb
Dwelt in the wild
Without vile carnage
Life was just
Men earned wage for their toil

They had jobs
Had sons, sons of the soil
Heirs of heritages of bestowed riches
They slept in peace
Ate apku and egusi
Filled with fishes
From sweet streams- unpolluted!
They indeed were crude
So we aspired for today

What happened to their sons?
Heirs of vast heritage?
What happened to their thoughts?
Tutelage about today?
What happened to edifices built?
Gone with aspiration I guess?

You speak of tomorrow
Houses on a thousand hills
You speak of victory in wars yet to come
You speak of power, light, equality when we arrive
You speak hope, love and trust
How men would once again live in yesterday
You speak health, food against hunger
How death will no longer plunder
So I wonder…

What then is wrong with today?
What curse has today incurred?
Why is it tomorrow we seek to secure?
While its yesterday we recall?

The pains of today diminishes me
The hunger taunts my life
My body yearns for comfort
So I plead
Give today
Do not withhold
I fear I might die before tomorrow
Today is enough for me
I beg.

Written by: Owoicho Apochi Nelson
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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