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~Yes! You Are Beautiful~

The glamour of our culture,
Our mothers gleaming future.
The hunters attested
To your angelic features;
Even the market women
Pay homage to your beauty.
I say! Yes you are beautiful.

The sun made our fathers bald,
Just by your perception from far away.
Stars stumbled off the sky,
As desire clouded their eyes.
Beneath this palm tree,
Our youths curtain,awaiting you
To stroll with your attractive legs
Cursing the weary dusts.
Yes! Adanna,you’re beautiful.

Yes! Your beauty is exceptional.
But why have you unveiled
The mystery of your elegance
To our hungry souls?
Your nude thighs
Caused chinedu to journey into
The lustful realm.
Your breasts are sacred!
Still you amuse our famished eyes with them.

Why spank our culture’s butt?
I beg you!
Esteem our village integrity,
Admire your parent and peers,
Preserve your body sacred.
Let your radiance
Be a mystery to the craving passions.
I tell you! When chibike shall come for you,
We all shall smile and say;
Yes! You are beautiful.


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