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I have read your letters
Piece by piece
Pain soils your embers
Slit by slit
By halves, dead to others
Hunting bliss
Stain boils more clutters
Bit by bit

Yesterday marred your tomorrow
In such a way sweet is sorrow
In today
A heart break at bay
Weird foreplay
Has hidden separations in your marrow
To clobber away
Premonitions of a sweet tomorrow

In the gains of loss
You defied the Reaper
If I knew your source
I would ask your maker
‘Are you less the wiser?’
Or ‘is life a trader?’
‘Can attention sway pause?’
Invitation. Done. Chaos.

Smiles you make your kin
Chimes. Bells of a sin
Surely a lost clue
Daily you wad through
A plane swinging like a sling
The pains within are your king
You seek for escape though
Sense rumbling is the blow.

But cheer up
Your scar’s for healing
You better square up
This planet’s dropping
Face down up
The rear now leading
Bottom astride top
In the scars, written.

Written by: Kemjy Xtien and Alozor Michael Ikechukwu

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