WOULD YOU? (a duet)

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Would you bring breakfast to bed?
Feed me love with a kiss on my head?

Would you bring me smile on a crummy day?
Be a rainbow of colour when the world turns gray?

Would you be my green in times of drought?
Fill up my being and hurt me not

Would you lay my worried head on your legs?
Keep me warm; as the hen to her eggs..?

Would you pat my hair in strokes of ease…?
Subtle kisses give not cease?

Would you see through my weakness make me strong?
Lay upon my chest tell when the heartbeats are wrong?

Would you lay down with me on thorny roses?
Lay so close we would rub our noses

Body locked in arms upon flowers upon roses
Would you be with me like this as each day closes?

Thicker than blood, would you value me more than life?
Would you be my lord in times of strife?

Would you walk me to heaven through the roads of hell?
Give the push pass points where most men fell

Would you, for me, take arrows and darts…?
Pull me together when I fall apart?

Would you stay when poverty and hardship come..?
Stand with me through the raging storm?

When I cry, would you dry my well of tears
Bring me laughter through the running years

Would you be the mother of my kids?
Walk with me through life’s road not caring where it leads

Would you be my man at the aisle?
Showers of kisses, on me, pile?

In the end, between us let there be no end
Even at death, would you weep as a lover and a friend?

Written by: Terry Terrific Egharevba and Rachel Ige
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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