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Their faces shone with smiles
Laughter that never sinks into the heart
Right hand gave
Left hand struck the blow

We are shown meat
Scorpion is the gift
Jacuzzi is their pool
In saliva we bathe

Praises before their table
Daggers between our backs
AC is the breeze
Mango tree is our relaxation spot

Carrying charcoal pots
They sit in a circle of burgers
While we form a triangle
Of puff puff beggars

Jeeps and Limos with much entourage
Keke NAPEP and barrows are our flourishing fleets
Leggidis put our feet to travel
Though we are brave, yet to unravel the mystery

We pray for daily bread
They are after manna
Doctors are quick to dispense drugs
While dibia won’t remove herbs from our medication

They built mansions guarded by akpu-obis
We live in face me I face you
Dragging pots of soup
With rats and cockroaches

Police is their friend
We bail out our necks with twenty naira
Their children are educated
Our children are school rated

Dubai jewelleries are part of their fashion
Aba shoes are our connection
They dine in hotels
Our dinner ends up between the coolers of Mama Put

Occasions call them the true champs
Our kinsmen are yet to recognize us

Written by: Uchechukwu Ekwurekwu Obiakor
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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