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I wonder
Shouldn’t you ponder?
Think, wake up from your slumber
Why don’t humans understand when birds chatter?
Oh! I wonder
I wonder
Why do mad people aimlessly wander?
Why aren’t we equal? Why are there, in life, different social strata?
How do lizards scale fences without ladder?
I wonder
I’m in deep thought
Why are there, in life, many battles to be fought?
Why can’t we buy good health, prosperity, success, peace, and excellence with money?
Why’s the night dark and the day sunny?
Isn’t this funny?
I wonder why there are hospitals and clinics
God created us wonderfully and perfectly na; I’m not one of sceptics
Why do we have people with disabilities?
Why do hairs grow even after repeated shaves?
I wonder
Weeds grow where they aren’t wanted and chaff with the wheat
Haven’t you wondered? We’ll ne’er change to real crops
No way! A useless stone can ne’er become a gem
Time gone, wasted or not, can’t be regained
Let’s allow the weeds to grow
They’ll soon be brought low

Written by: Akinrinola Barnabas? 

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