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WOMAN, MAN… (a poem in parts)

Read Time:1 Minute, 10 Second [Woman, Man…]
Inherent in every woman is the desire
To nurture and behold the fruit of her womb
The kicks within her belly give her pain and pleasure
With inquisitive gaze she looks into the future
The thought of concealed gift floods her mind

II.    MAN
You creature unfeeling as wooden frame
With the dangling baton, oppressive
Like the officer’s baton marking an innocent victim
Stay clear from my mothers, sisters and daughters
So you don’t feel nature’s wrath

Your cowardice
Evokes painful memories
Memories of your barbarism
Haunt her innocence

She was dark and lovely
Kings were held captive by her beauty
The roof of her mouth tasted like wine
Brewed from the rarest of berries
Her soothing words caused smiles to rise
Like the morning sun
And treasures were formed within her

Now, there are dark spots
And her black eyes are suspended
In thoughts of brutal you
Memories of violence alien to her

You that rage like a lion upon its prey
Let not your anger meet her
In her moment of warmth

On the day of your anger
May you meet your gender!

My mother
My sister
Will be gone
From your violence
Into a place of influence

Written by: Sunny Lawrence
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson