WHY I LOVE YOU by Akinbola Kehinde Ridhwan

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I love you; I love you cos we share the same dream
You and I; that’s a perfect team
You are mild, brilliant and kind
And even in the dark, your beauty gleam

With your heart alone; mine want to bind
For your thought only engulfs my whole mind
And now I have fallen for you so deep
A feeling that’s undefined

Please do not leave my heart to sleep
I vow not to make yours weep.
An awesome cry from mine tongue
My promises to you I will keep.

I love you; I love you a hundred degree
For your passionate smile relieve me
Of my ailments and pains
Truth! You’re the cure to this anguish I feel; I agree.

Beautiful one! To be with you I am fain
Yes my plea; and I’ll love you again and again.
This Union of ours let us take to the sky
The sky! That’s the limit we can attain

Ye! God chose you to love me till i die
A love no soul can quantify.
This is the greatest reason I love thee
For when God speaks! I just have to comply…

WHY I LOVE YOU by Akinbola Kehinde Ridhwan

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