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Who is this Naza

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Who is this Nazarene that agreed to take my pain?
Who is this Son of David that took away my shame?

Why did he bear the fall of whips to set me free?
Why did he bleed and groan that heaven I may see?

Call him savior, mediator or intercessor…
Call him! You won’t be wrong. That I am sure!

He with the most popular name
He played the most critical game
He revels in unlimited fame

Who is he!?

He is the pure subject, not an object
The questioner never questioned
He is the chief advocate in Law
The judge that cannot be judged
He is the image of God in Photography
The master of all masterpieces
He is the beginning in archaeology
The stone builder must never reject
He is the great physician in medicine
The greatest healer to have graced the earth
He’s the ultimate reality in metaphysics
The pinnacle of knowledge (truth) in epistemology

Who is he?

The Prince of peace,
The morning star,
Captain of salvation,
Apostle of our profession.

Who is he?
His name is Jesus…

Written by: Felix Nnamdi Egbomuche
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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