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They are whispering news of a better future
Hoping it will be better news for our future
We are excited to hear the outcome
So we wait patiently for the outcome

The whisper has come to an abrupt end
Yet, no outcome was coming from their end
We became impatient to an end
Waiting to hear the result from their end

Worried and troubled we became indifferent
Yet, they continue to remain indifferent
Not minding our worries and fears
They are neither disturbed nor entertain fears

They are trying the unity of our oneness
Not minding what it took us to build this oneness
They are trading our gentleness
Replacing it with cowardly ‘ungentleness’

As they have turned the whisper into a secret
A secret soon to turn scandalled-secret
A scandal if not contained, rolled back
Will finally break the camel’s back

*Dedicated to student Plight to the FG/ASUU face-off.

Written by: Akpoviri Don Veta Akpoveta
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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