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Immortality is to onus of life

For He live before now and shall ever live after now
I know not what tomorrow
might do me
For this might be last action of the soul
many has gone before now
with their thought of romancing with life
Their wills were cutshort,
I will follow and you will follow the suit sooner or later
Mortal is ours and immortality is to onus of life
This shallow hole,
This dirty house with neither ventilation nor plan
shall we all rest.
we all rest and cover with this dirty sand,
This hostile Rain and sun
shall descend upon us,
My heart quiver and tremble
in fear for this solitary abode.
Love extend not to this house
Our love ones shall all wave,
Wave a final wave
And turn back to their destinations
Time shall dry up their tears,
Time shall cause them to forget us,
Time shall cause them to laugh as if nothing ever
After all our pride,
here shall l lie and here shall you lie.
This strong vains shall vain
no more
This mouth shall mouth no more
And this leg shall leg no more
Oh! This beautiful flesh shall decay
All shall be breakfast, lunch and dinner for termite
After all where is our pride?

Written by: Isah Bala

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