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Seamless face
Flows seamlessly
Uncannily witty
Seeking where hope lies

Hoping for the streaming tide
Of fortune to flow their way

Giving them the hope that holds their hope

Hope for a future bargained
In the walls of ill baked mentors
Whose greed only streams in stagnant ‘rism’

Their walls no longer hold their greed
In the albatross of deceptions
Hiding in the fortress of, institutions now traded on Broad Street
Even at the detriment of their prodigy

What becomes of me?
When my hopes is only bargained on the whiteness of paper
Stained by their ink, covered up by their loot

A promise, one too many not fulfilled
Where do I Stand now?

Written by: Akpoviri Don Veta Akpoveta
Edited by: Kukogho Iruesiri Samson

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